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      Streaming Media as Elemental Media

Critical Studies in Media Communication, 2021

(with Justin Grandinetti)

Rhetoric and Public Affairs, 2020

Cultural Studies, 2021

(with Maud Ceuterick)

                  Media Theory, 2020

                  Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 2020

            (with Kjersti Aarstein, Nathan Jones, Søren Pold,

            Scott Rettberg, and Joseph Tabbi)

                  Culture, Theory, Critique, 2019

                  Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 2018

                  Philosophy and Rhetoric, 2017

                   Written Communication, 2016

  • Intangible Photography

In Reimagining Communication: Mediation, 2020

(second author with Grant Rivers)

In LEGOfied: Building Blocks as Media, 2020

In LEGOfied: Building Blocks as Media, 2020

(second author with Nick Taylor)

In Water, Rhetoric, and Social Justice: A Critical Confluence, 2020

      Social Media and the Regulation of Morality

In Routledge Handbook of Character

Assassination and Reputation Management, 2020

(second author with Josh Reeves)

                   Critical Studies in Media Communication, 2016

                      (With Josh Reeves)

      Google Street View and the Tableau Vivant

Surveillance & Society, 2016

(With Allie Rowland)

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