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I believe the best teachers are those who welcome students to engage those parts of the world most interesting to them — but strive to show that much more is interesting than at first they may have thought. My teaching style thus aims to be inclusive, enthusiastic, and relatable. In my classrooms and out I try to be relentless in my effort to meet the needs of each individual student's unique background, identity, and learning style.

Rather than teach bold-faced words and sound bites, I believe in the liberal arts principle of teaching students how to think for themselves. Cultivating critical and creative thinking/doing is a more important pedagogical goal for me than imparting fixed formulas that serve the limited range of a particular subject or task. In such an approach, theory and practice, teaching and service, are inextricably linked. I continue looking for ways to help students relate to complex ideas they might then bring to improve their world.


AY 2022-23 COURSES
COMM 5370:
EHUM 6850 / COMM 7405:
Affect Theory and Ecological Crisis
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